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Working with client
Set Sails wants to get your e-marketing voyage off to the right start by offering a variety of services to get your bearings straight and to keep them that way. I offer each new client a complimentary discussion session to learn more about social media marketing and to find out how it can work for your business. Call or email me to schedule an appointment. 

Consulting. If you have burning questions about social media or need some input on your marketing goals, bring your concerns to me and we can work through them together.

  • By phone, CHF 80.00 per hour

  • In person, CHF 100.00 per hour

Content writing is a convenient way for you to have new content without having to write yourself. Set Sails will research a topic you suggest and prepare an article for you to distribute.

  • Blogs

  • Newsletters

  • Websites

  • Brochures

CHF 360.00 per 500 words

Strategy development gives your efforts a direction and plan to present your brand in a way customers can relate to, communicate better with potential/customers, outline what you expect to achieve and how to measure success. Includes up to two hours of discussion and preparation of strategy document.

CHF 240.00

Managing. Set Sails can manage your social media account so your consumers remain connected to your brand without you needing to worry. Based on your input, let us create engaging, informative content and post it to your account. Standard service includes one post per day, additional posts will be charged accordingly.

CHF 700.00 per month for one account, add CHF 300.00 per additional account

Result analysis, constantly improving your account and performance evaluation are key to keeping an upper edge on the competition and your marketing goals insight. Customers will remain engaged when you remain relevant. We’ll discuss what analytics matter most for you and prepare a monthly report with analysis and recommendations on how to improve.

CHF 240.00 per month

Profile set-up includes 100% full completion of an account with your business’ logos, contact details and general information. If you are opening several accounts, we’ll discuss making multiple accounts more time-manageable.

CHF 120.00 per profile

Recommended Services

Set Sails recommends Söderblom Design for corporate imaging, graphic design and website development.