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What’s new for SEO? AuthorRank and Google+, that’s what!

posted Jan 9, 2013, 4:41 AM by Ashley Ringger-SSM   [ updated Jul 2, 2013, 9:28 AM ]
Man working on social media
Having good search engine optimization (SEO) and showing up first in search results is something every business strives for. Unfortunately there can only be one “top dog”, but how do Google and other search engines determine who that dog is? Currently there is a rating system called PageRank that assesses which pages have authority in terms of links to them, links from them and visits/clicks. Keywords on these pages also play a role. However, we are seeing a new phase of SEO where social media is playing a bigger role than ever before.
Search Engine Journal recently reported that a new rating system closely linked with social media activity called AuthorRank will soon be making a debut.

As AuthorRank focuses more on social engagement, website SEO will be measured by the:
  • Amount of social signals like tweets, likes, shares and +1’s and the influence of people creating these signals.
  • Number of comments on social sites and the influence of those leaving the comments.
  • Relevancy and quality of inbound links that point to the website’s content.

In essence, SEO is becoming more about your content and what people think of it than just words on a page and traffic. So the more an author writes, the more engagement received, the higher the AuthorRank score will be. When it’s high-quality content, that is even better.

One thing that is very important about AuthorRank is that Google wants to know who the author is and that they are a real person. You know that Google+ Profile you have been avoiding creating? Now might be the time to reconsider. To be recognized for the content you publish online (and thus increasing your AuthorRank position), you will need to have it link to your Google+ Profile. This means having a profile and being granted Google Authorship. More information about Google Authorship can be found here in an interview with Sagar Kamdar.

Seems that 2013 might be the year that Google+ takes off big time. It might be wise to start posting your blog content to your Google+ Profile to reap the SEO benefits of AuthorRank.