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Getting your way with Bob the Builder

posted Jun 3, 2013, 11:42 PM by Ashley Ringger-SSM
Bob the Builder
There are so many things we strive for in our professional and personal lives. Advancing our careers, redecorating the house, or finally meeting a financial goal are just some of the things we work for. I was recently reading a psychological study that explained how we can use optimism to get what we want out of life. There were several other points mentioned, but I really liked this one as it's simple to apply and has real results.

To use this "trick" one has to slip into a positive mindset. But how? Do it the Bob the Builder way! Bob doesn't tell his crew "We can fix it!" He asks them "Can we fix it?" There is a difference between saying a statement to yourself and asking yourself a question.

By asking a question we participate in "interrogative self-talk" which causes the brain to react by immediately searching for positive answers and to recall past experiences that might help solve the current problem. 

I am always impressed by these tactics used to harness the power of the brain for the benefit of our lives.

If you plan to use this trick, what kinds of questions will you be asking yourself?