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Get more posts seen by more fans

posted Feb 6, 2013, 2:00 AM by Ashley Ringger-SSM   [ updated Feb 14, 2013, 3:08 AM ]
As Facebook seems to continuously change their Edgerank algorithm (how posts are sorted and displayed on users’ news feeds), I’ve seen several posts encouraging page fans to change their Facebook settings so they always see the page’s posts no matter what. While this is great to suggest, it is very dependent on your fans actually going out there and taking action. Lucky for you there are actions you can take to ensure fans see more of what you post.

  1. Mark the miles How has your company or product developed over the years? When did you company start? Did you move to a bigger office? These “behind the scenes” moments gives your brand a personality and depth that people can bond with.
  2. Get your cover photo to work with your profile photo Be sure the images you use for both your cover photo and profile photo are relevant to each other and your brand. You can take it a step further and make your profile photo “part” of your cover image like these companies have:Facebook cover photo matches profile photo
  3. Use the power of pictures It’s almost as if pictures are replace words on social media. Successful Facebook pages have a variety of pictures and not just of their products. Although it’s important to post pictures of what you sell, try posting ways to use your products or (better yet) encourage fans to post pictures of them using your products. Give your brand a face by posting pictures of your employees or offices.
  4. About that “About Us” section... You know that tiny paragraph right under your profile photo that says something about your company? That is the perfect location to enter your web address, note special promotions or highlight upcoming events. Use it, change it and keep it accurate.
  5. Your greatest weapon: be social! When you post things your fans want to read, click or comment on, or like, this boosts your page’s presence on their news feed. Keeping fans engaged from the moment they like your page means you will stay part of their news feed longer.

While Facebook does keep the average user’s experience in mind more than business pages, there are still plenty of ways your marketing needs can be met, you just have to play by Facebook’s rules of engagement. Posting content that your fans want to click on makes all the difference.