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Building your brand’s image

posted Dec 12, 2012, 10:13 AM by Ashley Ringger-SSM
Building a brand
Time is in high demand in our fast-paced internet culture and our attention moves from one thing to the next just as fast. With so much going on around us, how can you get your brand to be noticed? A brand’s identity is become more than what the shop looks like, but what the “digital self” is. Online media, blogs, Facebook and Twitter are becoming the place that brands get seen and measured up. If your logo, font and colors aren’t catchy enough, you might get overlooked.

Developing a solid brand strategy and brand identity are key to having your clients and market recognize your brand in an instant. Consider the colors you use in branding how they might be perceived by your target audience. Do they set you apart from the competitors? Font style is another element that can make your brand unique and say a lot about your brand’s “personality” without any words at all. These are just some of the elements needed in developing your brand’s logo. Think of this as your ID badge - it’s the first thing people see of your company (hopefully) and how you will continued to be recognized from a mile away.

If you need to brand or rebrand your company’s image, I recommend Ann Söderblom. Ann studied graphic design & communication at Berg's in Stockholm, Sweden and is now based in Zurich, Switzerland. Her expertise in working with small businesses and corporations will be an asset in getting your brand the “face” it needs to one-of-a-kind.