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5 ways to protect your social media accounts from hacking

posted Feb 28, 2013, 5:04 AM by Ashley Ringger-SSM
I would have normally done Part II of my “Facebook Myths” post, but in
Keep accounts safe
light of all the hacking going on, I thought I would post on the subject.

Having your account hacked is not only inconvenient, but can also cause major setbacks. Just ask Burger King. While hacking can’t totally be prevented there are precautions you can take ensure better security.

1. Change your passwords regularly. Some experts recommend doing this once a month and others have switched to every two weeks based on the recent increase in hacked accounts. The main point is to change them to something unrelated to your business that would be hard to guess. Random numbers, symbols and letters are useful. More tips about creating passwords from PR Newswire.
2. Have a plan in place when attacks do happen. Know and have your resources on hand for when an attack does happen. Nothing is worse than being caught without a defense.
3. Limit mobile device access to accounts. Because social media accounts can now be used to login to apps and other online accounts, more and more doors are being opened to hackers. Close those doors by limiting apps that access your accounts by deleting the ones you no longer use.
4. Password protect your mobile devices. If you manage your social media accounts via smartphone apps or from a laptop, better add a layer of protection by password protecting the entire device. If you were to lose a mobile device, that extra password might make the difference between your corporate accounts being hacked or not.
5. Change your password with every new hire. When you end a business relationship with someone who had access to your accounts and hire a new person, it’s wise to change the password. Not that you want to think the worst of people, but it does help with controlling access.

The online world is the modern day wild west. Be sure to take care in protecting your assets.