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4 ways to improve engagement

posted Apr 10, 2013, 1:51 AM by Ashley Ringger-SSM
Facebook engagement
Before I explain the four ways to 



let me clarify what engagement is.

After posting on Facebook, fans can like, comment, click, or share what you have posted. They can also post or upload images via your page. All this counts as engagement. Getting more engagement means your brand’s message is being carried further and further.

So how can you get more of it?

1. Post at the right time. Recent research claims that posts done outside of normal business hours get more engagement.

2. Know the keywords people might be attracted to. When running contests via Facebook, those that used keywords like: Event, Winner, Offer, Win, Brand New or Entry were found to be more engaging.  Other keywords that increase engagement are: Like, Take, Submit, Watch, Post, Comment, Tell Us, and Check.

3. Post at optimal length. Posts over 80 characters get less engagement than those with 1-80 characters.  Remember that we live in an era of information consumed by skimming.

4. URL shorteners can make a post look cleaner, but could also be seen as misleading. Posts with the full-length URL get 300% more engagement than shortened URLs. With full-length URLs a fan knows exactly what they are clicking on therefore increasing transparency.

By following these easy tips and watching how your audience reacts, you can fine-tune your efforts. Happy posting!

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