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4 Things You Are Doing Wrong

posted Jun 5, 2013, 3:44 AM by Ashley Ringger-SSM
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Are you using Facebook for your business? Are you harnessing Facebook’s true potential to help your business grow? These four mistakes and quick fixes will get your business on the social media fast track.

1.     The quick sale is one thing social media is NOT. We’ve moved away from the broadcast era of marketing and into a more engaging, two-way marketing method between companies and clients. Fix this mistake by giving your business time to develop relationships with clients and build trust.

2.     Measuring social media ROI is important for success, but are you measuring the right way? It’s not about short-term gains, but long-term presence in clients’ everyday life. A client might see your posts on Facebook, but access your site to make a purchase via Google. Social media played a huge part in this return, but gets no direct credit. Fix it by focusing on what you really expect from social media and what that means for your business.

3.     Social media doesn’t solve problems. As powerful as it can be, social media is just one piece of your brand’s marketing strategy. If other pieces aren’t in place, social won’t make up for that. Fix this by using social to improve your brand’s reputation for the long-term while taking measures to better all aspects of your brand.

4.     Brand personality and voice is what makes your business social. Ignoring these aspects means your brand doesn’t sound “human” and clients are therefore less likely to engage with you. Fix this by discovering what your brand’s voice is and how to portray that online. Listen to what your clients respond to and incorporate more of that into your strategy.

While social media marketing can’t be expected to do all the work, it is a key tool in developing relationship with clients. When you know what you want from social media for your business and how to do it, sustainable long term business growth can be achieved.